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Credit Card Payment Gateway

Credit Cards Payments

AstechPay has business relations with banks and payment service providers in various regions around the world. This allows our customers maximum flexibility in selecting a bank that best suits their desired portfolio and risk tolerance.

AstechPay takes care in collecting the right documents for the careful processing required by banks and processors. AstechPay provides a hosting page or server-to-server integration through API. The full payment process is carried out on the seller’s website using AstechPay’s processing platform as a gateway to transmit the request to the clearing bank. The seller is required to use SSL protocol to protect the security of his client’s credit card information.

AstechPay’s payment page is a secure web page that is launched from the seller’s website, enabling the safe acceptance of credit card details from the buyer. AstechPay operates in accordance with PCI compliance regulations, storing all credit card information in a PCI-DSS environment. A user-friendly back office interface allows merchants to view all their credit card activities.

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