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Cookie policy


A.S TECHNOLOGIES AND CONSULTANTS CY (Astechpay) is a company registered under Cyprus law, with registration number HEB 317951 address of the registration office Suite 44 Griva Digeni Avenue, 6046 Larnaca Cyprus

If you use the site ,you give us consent to use cookies in accordance with this policy.

If you don’t want us to use this type of file, go to “How can you manage cookies/delete cookies.”

What is a cookie

A cookie is a small piece of data (composed of text and numbers) that is uploaded to your Internet-connected device (such as a PC, smartphone, or tablet) every time you visit our website.

Cookies are used by the site to recognize your device, store information about your preferences or previous actions, such as the language you have chosen for a website.

How ASTECHPAY uses cookies

ASTECHPAY uses cookies to improve the functionality of the site, to ensure the transition between pages, to memorize your choice for site settings. Cookies are also used by us to analyze how visitors use our service and interact with the site.

ASTECHPAY may use information about users for other purposes without the consent of users in cases under the law.

What types of cookies ASTECHPAY uses

  • Strictly necessary cookies

This type of cookie is necessary to make the site work properly. They are used in cases such as logging in or filling out forms. Without these files, we will not be able to provide the services requested.

  • Functional cookies

This type of cookie helps our site remember the settings you’ve chosen (language, username, country you’re in), provide personalized features, and recognize the platform from which you access the site.

  • Analytical cookies

This type of cookie is used to calculate the number of visitors to the site as well as visitor sources. They help us gather information about how visitors use our site, which pages spend the most time, and which pages go most often.

For example, we use GoogleAnalytics to collect this information. Learn more about Google’sprivacy policy

  • Advertising cookies

This type of cookie is used to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns, as well as to understand whether advertising is displayed correctly. They also help you take your interests into account when running ads, helping us make it more relevant to you.

  • Other cookies

This type of cookie is hosted by other services. We do not control these cookies. You should check the relevant sites for information and control over this type of cookie.


How long ASTECHPAY keeps cookies

We can use two types of cookies:

  1. Temporary cookies. These files are stored on the device until the end of the website usage session.
  2. Permanent cookies. These files are stored on your device longer or until they are manually deleted. This period depends on the specific cookie file and settings of your browser, it may not exceed the time required to achieve the goal of these cookies. They will be removed from the system after the end of this period.

How you can manage cookies/delete cookies

You can manage your cookies this way:

  • Revoke your consent;
  • Through the settings of your web browser, you can choose which cookies you will use, or disable them altogether;
  • Through the settings of your ASTECHPAY account, you can choose which cookies you will use or disable them altogether.

Attention. Only the cookies that are allowed to access certain ASTECHPAY features are available. Turning off these files can result in you not being able to use all the features of the site.

Learn how to disable cookies in a web browser with instructions from the developer:

If you’re using a different web browser, click on the help in your browser for more information.

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